Welcome To Whistler Dad!

My dad has been trying to come visit us in Whistler for a few months now, but between the never ending winter we had and our work schedules we could never work out the dates. That is until last weekend! My dad made his first trip to Whistler, and Jeff and I tired our best to show him what Whistler was all about.

We watched the weather all week before his arrival hoping the sun would stick around through the weekend, then Thursday afternoon the forecast changed and it there were actually little snow flakes on the forecast, SNOWFLAKES in June!

Thankfully there was no actual snow in the valley over the weekend but the weather Friday and Saturday was less then stellar, which makes it a little difficult to really see what Whistler is like. We made the best of it, because that’s what we do and had the best time touring my dad around.

Saturday morning was the worst of the rain so we had a cozy breakfast in the village then when the rain let up we grabbed our golf clubs and headed to the Wiffle Golf Course in town. After a short hike up an old access road there is an 18-hole golf course tucked away in the forest built by some locals. The best part of wiffle golf is, its absolutely free!

Teeing off 

I got a hole in one!

Final Score: Jeff 2 Dad 0 Leslie -4

After 18-holes of golf while getting eaten alive by monster mosquitoes the skies parted and the sun made its appearance! It was perfect timing, we hiked back to the car, drove back to the house and got on our bikes. Biking is the best way to see Whistler so we packed some snacks and a 6 pack and set out on our adventure. We biked EVERYWHERE in Whistler, by all 5 lakes, 3 golf courses, and a lot of the neighborhoods. We literally biked for the better part of the day.

Lost Lake

Beer beak @ Alta Lake

We closed the night in true Whistler fashion with a dinner at Sushi Village.

Sunday was a beautiful day in town. The sun was out, there was not a cloud in the sky and it was HOT. So we headed up the Whistler gondola to the peak, because the one thing my dad wanted to do was ride the Peak to Peak Gondola. We took in the sights and bought him some souvenirs. He was a happy camper!

The Valley from Whistler Peak

View from the top

One last beer on Merlins’ patio

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